Liberating Storm Brings Growth

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Welcome to Moon 11 ~ The Moon of Liberation. This is a time of letting go of what got us here, but no longer serves us as we move to the next level, a time of noticing, dissolving, and releasing what’s become dissonant, a time of liberation! We begin on a Seed day, invited to burst forth from our potentialities into fertile growthfulness.

Coming a week into the midst of the activating Storm wave, you might have noticed the​re’s a bit of amped upness happening as life is storming through us! It’s okay for us to become a little unhinged, enough to shake off our old ways of doing, and then learn to ground this  influx of new energies by stretching and increasing our capacities. Uniqueness is busting out. Trust the timing, and the changes, and keep meeting life as you!

Jupiter is at its closest & brightest, rising in the east as the Sun sets in the west, and shining all through the night as it brings expansive good fortune to our journey. ​Venus shines high and bright in the west in the early evening, so resplendent!​ Mars is very bright red and yellowish Saturn is still in the vicinity, lowish in the south-southeast before dawn, near the handle of the Teapot (or the drawn-back arm of the Archer).

Hear this story, and the big changes coming in a couple of weeks, in my Moon 11 podcast.

Happy Releasing and Being Activated,


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