Dragon Nibbles the Sun

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today brings a New Moon in late degree Aquarius, which becomes Dragon nibbling the Sun in a Partial Solar Eclipse (1:05pm PST). Half the Sun will be eclipsed, visible in Antarctica and southernmost South America, so this is definitely on the more subtle side.

This arrives during the​ Dragon wave, here in the​ Moon of Action, a time of birthing new ways of living, and brings the eclipse season begun on the Jan 31st Total Lunar Eclipse to a close. 

This Partial Solar Eclipse is with the​ South Node in Aquarius, so themes of clearing and releasing the past, particularly around our ideals, predominate. This is in contrast to the​ Total Solar Eclipse last August, which was with the North Node (opposite this point) in Leo, where themes related to new learning and emergence in our experience of self and creativity were the focus. So, this is a good time for letting go of any self-perceptions and ways around how we think we should be spiritually, or concepts of how humanity should be, that do not serve what has been creatively emerging as our new sense of self and life since the summer

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This is also the time of the Chinese New Year, taking us into the Year of Earth Dog, a time for seeding with humanitarian actions & innovative offerings. We’re asked to be serious & responsible, to do the work, making our own way & fortunes, while having a constructive social influence.

Soon, the Sun moves into Pisces (on the 18th), and we’ll have the spaciousness to feel all of this more deeply and flow into our connection with the​ universe. This too is part of our new way of being in action and living that is being birthed.

On Wed the 21st, we enter the Wizard wave. Wizard dances, shapeshifting as it goes, reminding us to trust our ability to meet each moment with ease through effortless action. This is real magic, to move with the moving, to work with what’s wanting to unfold.

I was up well before the dawn this morning and saw bright white Jupiter in the​ south east, wrapped in the​ enveloping embrace of the Scorpion’s claws, with reddish Mars riding the heart of the Scorpion (dude, that Mars riding Not Mars!). Saturn hadn’t even risen yet, but you might find it’s yellowish glow lower to the horizon. 

There are whispers of Venus juuuuust emerging in the​ west after sunset. You need to know where to look, and still there’s just a tiny dot in the gloaming, but I know some of us are eagerly watching. Venus will become more visible as the Evening Star in March.

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Happily Being Nibbled by Dragon,


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