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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re in the final days of the Star wave, a time of ripening into the magic of living by the guidance of the stars. Tune in to their storied, rhythmic dance

I hope you’re​ still lapping up the recent Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo energies imbuing us with self-love, enthusiasm for life, and creative enjoyment!! Moon now moves along and wanes, spreading this energy to the planets it visits in the east before dawn: high and bright white Jupiter on Wednesday, reddish Mars near the shoulder of the Scorpion on Friday, and closer to the horizon yellowish Saturn on Sunday. 

We’re also closing out a cycle of waves, that began last May, of dissonance, dissolving, release, and liberation. If there’s anything more you’re​ ready to let go of, now’s the time!!

On Wednesday, we enter Moon 8 ~ the Moon of Action, of Self in Motion, of Living What We Believe. And, we do so at a potent, pivotal moment, on the very last day of a cycle of waves. And then, on Thursday Feb 8th, we begin the Dragon wave, birthing a whole new 260-day cycle of waves. This is like passing through a gateway portal at the top of a mountain, then walking down the mountain into our life in a new way, and as a new being!

This new round takes its theme from its beginning in Moon 8, and so this next cycle of waves will be teaching us new ways of being in action, of living what we believe. No retrograde planets turn us back, nor big transits push us on. It’s simply time for taking authentic action from deep within our beings.

The Moon visits Mars, and we take embodied action.

The Moon visits Saturn, and we dedicate ourselves to doing what’s ours to do, with authority.

Hear so much more in my Moon 8 podcast.

Happy Birthing a New Self in Motion,


An Evening of Stargazing

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Kids welcome

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