Wizard Takes Action, Effortlessly

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re still getting going on this journey of being in action in new ways, of living what we believe more fully. Wizard invites us to do this effortlessly, with trust in our capacity to meet the moment, that everything we need is present in this moment! This new way of being in action is perhaps in general a learning to effort less and shape shift more!

With the strong presence of Saturn in Capricorn (since December and for a couple of years to come, so get used to it!), we’re being asked to grow up and take ourselves seriously, and to be responsible to bring what it is only we can bring, which​ includes our unique wizardry! Seriously, it’s time to get on with doing what we do, with some self-respect, patience, and boundariedness.

Mercury is with Neptune in Pisces today, on this 5 Mirror day in the Wizard wave, so it’s a good time for dreaming up new ways to articulate your story

Thursday brings the Full Moon in Virgo, shining a light on how we best serve, both spirit and the tending of hearth and home, as well as through mentoring.

The​ predawn lineup of planets is still a wonder to behold: bright white Jupiter in the south east, wrapped in the enveloping embrace of the Scorpion’s claws; reddish Mars has already moved past the heart of the Scorpion; Saturn shines bright and yellowish lower to the horizon. Now, Venus has returned to the west as the Evening Star just after sunset! You might even see Mercury close by later this week. Reach out an acknowledging hand in welcome! In the​ coming weeks Venus will be higher above the horizon and grow much brighter! Maybe you’ll join us for the upcoming Winter Stargazing Intensive and we can all say hello to Venus together after singing the Sun down…

Hear more in my Moon 8 podcast.

Happy Shapeshifting To Meet the Moment,


Winter Stargazing Intensive
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Get oriented to living on Earth, here in the cosmos!
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