Total Solar Eclipse & Stargazing Adventures

Greetings Keeper of Time,

It’s about time that I mentioned that there’s a Total Solar Eclipse coming, soon!!

Monday August 21, 2017, starting on the West Coast around 10am and moving across the continent and off the East Coast late afternoon

While much of the US will see a partial eclipse, there is a very specific 70 mile wide Pathway of Totality. Totally!! The closer you are to the centerline of that path, the longer the totality. We’re talking up to around two minutes or so of the Sun being totally eclipsed by the Moon!

Here’s some info on the pathway (just Google for more, there’s tons!).
You need to be exactly in the right place, there’s no sort of totality.……

And then, there are clouds and weather to factor in, always a consideration with stargazing (the Sun is our star!)… So, being flexible and mobile is optimal.

You need eclipse glasses (not sunglasses) to be able to view the process of the eclipse (as the Moon is moving in front of the Sun). Staring directly at the Sun is not generally a good idea! Just sayin’. Hint: Get them now, while they’re still in stock! I hear tell some libraries are giving them away too. 

While the Sun is totally eclipsed, the planets and brightest stars will be able to be seen, during the day!! This is truly an opportunity to be reminded that the stars are “out” all the time, we just can’t see them when our star is shining…

This eclipse is happening RIGHT by the star Regulus, which is the Heart (or Paw) of the Lion. It’s happening so close I’m not even sure we’ll be able to see Regulus, but we’ll find out. You’re going right, trekking to the pathway? Do it!

Mars will be to the west of the eclipse, Mercury to the east, both nearby.

Jupiter will be further east. Venus will be further west. They’re both super bright.

Even further west you’ll likely be able to see the brightest stars of the Sacred Hoop, like the Dog Star, and some stars in Orion, maybe even Capella the Goat Star. Toward the east you’ll likely see Arcturus. We will see what we see! 

Astrologically, this eclipse is happening at 29 degrees Leo. Perhaps it will bring a major reset around self-love and creativity!!

So, get yourself somewhere in the path and experience this totally potent moment!!

Stargazing Nowish

The next few nights, the Moon will be dancing with bright white Jupiter, so go out and say, “Hi Jupi!”

Venus woke me up this morning around 4am, so bright and high above the eastern horizon well before dawn. Sparkling amazingness!

Join me for a Summer Stargazing Intensive July 15th just outside of Sebastopol, CA. We’ll visit Stumphenge, sing the Sun down along the horizon calendar, spin like the earth among the constellations to get the movements in our bodies, and then gaze and gaze for hours, and you could still be home around midnight!

Happy Totalitying,

Stargazer Li

Upcoming Stargazing Opportunities:
Summer Stargazing Intensive – July 15th
Lake Sonoma Stargazing Campout – July 26th
Point Arena All Night Stargazing – July 29th
Sebastopol All Night Stargazing – September 23rd
An Evening of Stargazing (kids welcome) – October 14th



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