Crafting Freedom

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’ve been crafting and shaping this past week, beginning to integrate new ways of being and experiencing life through How we do What we do.

Now, we reach out our Hands and open the cosmic gates into the All That Is, and enter Moon 13 ~ the Moon of Freedom (this coming Tuesday).

For this week, let your Hands lead, let them dance, let them make and craft, an experience of freedom. This is not about being able to do anything we want, or nothing at all. This is about having the freedom to do what’s ours to do, and allowing ourselves to move from and with this experience of freedom. The seeming constraints of the past year fall away as we fly free into the vastness of possibility. Reach and touch and grasp and

Next Friday Night into Saturnday, by the light of the Moon with Jupiter, a Stormy portal day slips through the gates as this Storm year moves us beyond what’s been… Then, the Sun will come out to bestow its radiance upon us for 13 days.

We’ll enter the Skywalker wave on July 15th, the wave that will carry us into the new year… So, a very cosmic and dimensional journeying year is about to unfold! Join me in stepping into the Skywalker wave through a night under the stars!!

Upcoming Stargazing Opportunities:
Summer Stargazing Intensive – July 15th
Lake Sonoma Stargazing Campout – July 26th
Point Arena All Night Stargazing – July 29th
Sebastopol All Night Stargazing – September 23rd
An Evening of Stargazing (kids welcome) – October 14th

Hear more on the story of these times in my Moon 13 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Crafting Freedom,

Stargazer Li


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