Venus Receives a Ringing Endorsement!

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Venus shines as the Evening Star in the west after sunset, climbing higher each night. This week, Venus shines with Zubenelgenubi, one of the claws of the Scorpion!

The waxing Crescent Moon will come by early evening Sunday Oct 2nd and Monday Oct 3rd, conferring Venus’ ring of power, as this is the third vestment of Venus. (And so, the third chakra is activated as the Moon visits Venus as the Evening Star for the third time.) 

The Hand wave begins on Sunday as well, so it’s very fitting that a ring is bestowed. Through our Hands, our power comes into this world. This is a time for lovingly making, crafting, touching, healing, and accomplishing. Make it so!

Thursday Oct 6th, Mercury exits its retrograde shadow, breaking new ground, and then moves into Libra the next day. We’ve had a loooong Mercury in Virgo spell the past couple of months! So, we’ve been scrutinizing closely, maybe a little too closely, but now we can become more graceful and grateful as we learn to court the beauty in one another…

Hear more in the Moon 3 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Receiving Your Ring of Power,

Stargazer Li

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