Good Day to Be a Wizard

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The balance has tipped us into a balancing dance this autumn time of year. This more subtle way of being is inviting us to move with relaxed grace and ease, as Wizards shape-shifting to met the moments… Let be what wants to be, and embrace, in a lived sense, who you are yearning to become.

Venus shines as the Evening Star steadily and more strongly now in the west after sunset, climbing higher each night. We too are invited to let our love lights shine! 

On Monday, the Sun visits with Jupiter, juicing up Libra, in advance of Friday’s Dark Moon in Libra with Jupiter still nearby. Balancing, relatedness, and courting can bring good fortune! This is the start of something good…

Also early this week, Pluto is stationing Direct in Capricorn and Mars moves into Capricorn. There’s energy for applying ourselves to some serious work in a way that is re-generative and strengthening of our embodiment.

Hear more in the Moon 3 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Good Balancing Solidness,

Stargazer Li

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