Shining in the Deep

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Venus shines as the Evening Star in the west after sunset this week blessing the head of the Scorpion, while Jupiter emerges more brightly in the east before dawn communing with Porrima, the heart of the Goddess.

We entered the Sun wave on Saturday, which also brought the Full Moon in Aries with Uranus. This is a time for strongly embodying our uniqueness, shining the light of who we are, in our most authentic expressionMay spirited reverence inForm our ripening into bestowingly shining like the Sun our full radiance!

On Tuesday, we begin Moon 4 ~ the Moon of Form ~ on a 4 Night portal day in the Sun wave. The form that is taking shape comes from our depths, from our being at home in the emerging story, and of living this story tangibly as our lives. Notice what new true story is wanting to be told, and lived…

All this week, Mars conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. This is a very potent combination! There is embodied power available to bring forth new forms in our lives. Work with what’s wanting to become solid and tangible. The abuse of power is also likely to show its face this week. Be sure it’s not showing through your face, in relation to others or your self!

The Sun moves into Scorpio next weekend. We’re heading into the dark of the year, while being reminded to shine. This is not about blazing brightness, but strong warmth moving with the deep

Hear so much more in the Moon 4 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Shining in the Deep,

Stargazer Li

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