Call #3 ~ Converse with the Universe

Let’s converse!

This is a place to share what you’re​ noticing, experiencing, and learning from the call or listening to the​ recording, and in conversation with life as the month unfolds…

What are you noticing?
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3 Responses to Call #3 ~ Converse with the Universe

  1. Mc October 28, 2016 at 12:42 am #

    I have A LOT of cosmic patterns in my natal chart and i can explain them one by one but not all together.

    For examble:

    •A natal kite/grand trine in air signs (4th/8th/12th-6th houses)
    With Moon/Mercury/Uranus (& chiron at 6H). Full karma.

    •A sec.progress kite/gr.trine in fire (1st/5th/10th axis- 4H axis conjunct my moon) with Asc(progressed)/Jupiter(natal& progr)/Mc (natal),

    •A mystical rectagle (60/120/60/120) with mars(5th)/sun(7th)/pluto(11th)/neptune(1st). Mars opp. Pluto & Sun opp. Neptune!

    •2 T-squares one natal & one by progressions. Natal with Chiron 26° aries opp. Uranus rx 28° libra and apex Venus 23°57′ cancer (6th/9th/12th H).
    The 2nd T-sq is my jupiter conjunct my chiron and my saturn conj my venus (lucky me), by progression.

    •A natal Yod (144°/72°/144°) Saturn/Neptune/Moon. This “kind” of Yod is the “type” that both Merlin Mornoe & Hitler had them in their natal charts, with other planets (is getting better and better, as you can see).
    –Tip: My Jupiter square my Saturn (it’s O.K.-that happens) but both of them form a 135°with my North Node at 0°52′ Sagittarius which it is also my venus/mars midpoint. So my Jupiter/Saturn midpoint is on my South Node. (I know…how..nice!!!).

    •Maybe another Yod is my scorpio Asc (as apex) with mars 7°aries & sun9° gemini. [I say maybe because if my birth time is at 17:15 then i’m at 11°12′ Sc. & if is at 17:25 then my Asc is at 13°12′ of scorpio.].
    I, also, don’t know if my Asc/Saturn/BML lilith in Pisces (4th H) are a water grand trine. In some cases they are and in some other they aren’t. (Both Yod & gr.trine).

    I know that noone’s birth chart is perfect. But i think mine is toooo heavy some times. Toooo much karma and fated. I also know that “good” aspects some times aren’t so good or easy (sun trine pluto) (venus quindile pluto) and “hard” or bad aspects aren’t so bad (mars opposite pluto) if you learn how to handle the energies (is hard but not bad).
    For example Venus/pluto is nice if you have money (and we have/had as a family but my mother & brother they leave me peniless) to much trust at family members isn’t always good. An other point of venus/pluto is the obsession who can create. It’s nice when you are young (and insecure) but if every ex-boyfriend or just lover start to stalk you…isn’t pretty.
    (AND I AM NOT top model neither a very beautiful woman. I’m O.k. just that), but this is the the time that you need the mars/pluto aspect to
    I DO feel that i have something BIG to do here (not in this word necessarily) but maybe in or for my country (Greece). I’m not saying that i will end the crisis but maybe i will do something for the common good. I feel a heavy destiny but…what? I have read hundreds of natal charts (we call them maps) and i read astrology daily for 10-12 hours. I’m not astrologer but i see this as ancient language “you are who you are and astrology can explain it. You aren’t who you are because of astrology”. Is an excelled navigation system & a free therapist too.
    My natal chart (aspects-major&minors- progressed,solar return, transits, ect.) i know it all, but i can not finger out my patterns. Are tooo many.
    Here in Greece there isn’t (not even a sence) of what cosmic pattern is. Not a clue. I can’t find nowhere about the combination of them or just a simple answer if someone (like me) have that many what that means (?) anyway.
    Can you help me?

    Thanx a lot.
    P.S.1) sorry for my english. I read a lot but i don’t write frequently.
    P.S.2) sorry if it was toooo long.
    P.S.3) i can’t call you Pacific or Mediterranean time ????
    P.S.4) BML lilith at 4th house gusp bitchy mother (Cercy Lanister of the Game of Thrones is a sweet, sweet lady ha-ha-ha).
    P.S.5) please mail me back.

    • Li November 13, 2016 at 9:59 am #


      This thread is not about astrology but a course I teach on conversing with the universe.

      I do teach a course called Reading Your Cosmic Map ~ An Astrological Adventure (see it under the Courses menu here on my website). I think this course could be of help to you as you seem to have a lot of astrological knowledge about what is where, but in the course could learn how to focus more on the emerging story in a layered and nuanced way that seems to be what you’re seeking.

      Be well,


  2. Mc October 28, 2016 at 5:13 am #

    Hi (again),

    I forget my natal:
    •Minor grand trine (a 60/60/120 formation) Moon(4th)/Chiron(6th)/Mercury(8th).

    •Secret trine septile/quindile (51°,42’/72°/120°) with Moon/Jupiter(5th)/Mercury.

    I know that Yod(s) are 150°/60°/150° and 144°/72°/144° but is there a chance as 135°/90°/135° to be Yod too? I read it once but i’m not sure,if that’s true. Do you know about it?

    I think after 8 patterns (& maybe more) natally & progressed (which are solid) it is save to say that THIS IS total madness.
    –In addition i had by transits grand cross and 2 (more) T-squares, but the only thing that is very scary to this formation is the transit pluto cause squares n.jupiter, and opp. n.saturn. When is done with the natal planets will take over the progr.Sun/Saturn/jupiter and natal Venus. This stared 1,5 year before and continue for an other 5-6 years. Tr.Pluto and pr.Sun they will travel together for a long-long time. When tr.Pluto was at 6° and 7° of capricon formed a T-square with my mars/pluto opposition. From 2010-2012. Those 3 years change me for ever. Mostly the way i think and the way i see other people. The dark side… And the Hell broke loose. (I didn’t totaly changed then, but lets say 90 degrees. I expect the last 90° with this transit). Anyway any info for the patterns is helpfull at this point.
    Tip: the stellium progr.Sun and natal venus/saturn is in the 9th H in cancer.

    Thanx again and best regards.

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