Fly Like an Eagle

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’ve been breathing, remembering where we’ve come from and what we’ve gone through, and now we’re integrating these experiences, that we might be birthed into freedom in the time to come.

But first, take another breath. Fill with spirit and the unseen. Feel the Wind blow through. Breathe yourself back in from all you’ve been through and experienced in these past many moons…

We’re free to be our Wizard selves, effortless and magical, on Saturday’s Summer Solstice. Sing out loud. This is the longest day of the year, with the furthest North rising and setting of the sun. Find your spot and see where the rising and/or setting takes place along the horizon calendar. These mark two of the four corners of the House of the Sun and Moon, of our home here on earth surrounded by sky.

Then Sunday, Wind lifts Eagle into flight. Take some days to fly around, to look around, to see with new eyes. Let a new vision crystallize.

Before dawn on Tuesday June 24th in the east, the waning crescent Moon will make its 6th visit to Venus. With the sixth divestment, Venus sheds its belt or girdle, as we come to own our second chakras, our capacity to presence deeply and flow. Embodied vision in motion…

Eagle will soon carry us into Moon 13, the Moon of Freedom.

“Fly like an eagle ’til we’re free.
Fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me…”


Happy Crystallizing Visions,

Stargazer Li


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