Greetings Keeper of Time,

Here’s hoping the Moon has been guiding your way, and that you’ve been allowing its magic and the natural rhythm of its cycle to carry you along…

Maybe you’ve already been feeling it (I sure have), a dreamy unfocused quality, and perhaps a desire to be home and nestle in? This coming weekend that feeling is likely to get stronger as Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer, and Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces.

It’s a time of dissolving separation and becoming more at home in a direct-connection mystical experience of the universe. It’s a time of re-considering how we nourish and nurture. A time for remembering our roots and ancestors. And, it’s a time for re-integrating following the big changes of these past months, of crystallizing who we are now!

As we move into next week, we enter the Wind wave, feeling the unseen spirit move in us and integrate more deeply into our lives. Give yourself some breathing room… Spoken and sung words have the power of magic. 

Happy Re-integrating,
Stargazer Li



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