Seeds of Freedom

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Have you been feeling an odd mix of spacey with old patterns coming up that inhibit you from living well, while at the same time seeing and feeling glimpses of yourself as freer and more amazing than ever before? That’s been the interesting challenge of the past couple of weeks, giving us a chance to want and reach for that sense of freedom and also to see and choose to let go of how we ourselves have been insisting on and creating our own stresses and limitations.

Now, things are changing, and the freer us is starting to bust out, to inhabit us more fully!

What does *FREE* feel like in your body and being?

Now’s the time, during this very week, to notice and receive the blessings of the universe, to notice and acknowledge the seeds of freedom that life is planting in us as ideas and visions, knowings and possibilities. This is not about creating a goal board or intentions! This is about inviting the universe to seed you and then noticing when it does! It’s about hearing and receiving the visions the universe offers you for living more authentically.

This week brings a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces, all trine one another, a rare event indeed, so believe the bigness of this week and live up to it! This harmonious dance can bring greater ease and flow to our lives, can bring abundance that nourishes on many levels, and can bring a new relationship between time and the infinite. With expansive Jupiter, practical Saturn, and a tuned-in-to-the-universe Neptune working together, great things become possible, not because of our efforts, but through our joyous dedication to living the vision. When Mars joins the party later in the week, it’s time to bring this into our bodies, to move and walk and dance the vision in every step, residing in presence, and freeing our strength.

With revolutionary Uranus turning retrograde on the 17th, the same day as the exactness of the Grand Trine, be open to the unexpected, maybe even something from the past making a new present more possible. And, Mercury in Cancer will go Direct next Saturday, while squaring Uranus, and opposing the Moon and Pluto, so there could be some tensions in and around us as our thinking shifts…

This coming new year in my calendar, which begins on July 26th, we’ll be planting Eight Seeds in the Earth, and learning to take action in new ways to live what we believe. So now’s the time, during this Seed wave in the Moon of Freedom, to gather your seeds as the universe offers them up!

The new Printed Calendar Journey Guidebook for the coming Earth Seeding Action Year is Now Available!

If you’re resonating with these Cosmic Update Emails, or listening to my Moonthly Audio Calendar Podcasts, my Calendar is a great tool for deepening into living these storied waves and ways, and for seeing the story of the year to come unfolding… And soon, I’ll have some new videos and audios up for learning how to follow and live the calendar (they’re the same ones we use in my Time Traveling 101 course).
To living freedom,

Stargazer Li

I say so much more about this time in my *free* Audio Calendar Podcast for Moon 13 ~ The Moon of Freedom in this Skywalking Storm Attunement Year. You can listen or download it and print out the accompanying Moon Spirals here:

New Stargazer Li interviewed on the radio, June 18th by Yerevan for KOWS radio



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  1. Breezy September 12, 2013 at 1:14 am #

    This is very true my dear light warrior::::: its been such a blessing to release and let go of old patterns… Allowing myself to start walking through open doors instead of picking the ” locked ones” thank always for your time and space you share with many<<>>

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