Earth Seeding Action

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Do things feel so different to you these days, especially in your brain and body? It’s like we’re being made to let go of focus and relax into just embodying what is and meeting the moment simply because we can’t quite pull off anything else! While it seems like that could be problemmatic, if we just go with the flow and do whatever’s in front of us without thinking too much about it or efforting, things seem to actually be happening and working out alright. We’re in the midst of shifting how we take action, and from where in our beings… And this is just the beginning!

July 26th, this coming Friday, is the New Year in my Calendar. We’re embarking upon a year of Earth Seeding Action. This promises to be a time of maturing and ripening as we learn to take action in more organic, growthful, and fruitful ways. This is a time of embodying and earthing more fully, and of showing up and doing what we do in ways that are less frantic and more “in” and present. It’s a time for really living what we believe.

I say so much more about this time and the whole Earth Seeding Action year in my Audio Calendar Podcast for Moon 1 ~ The Moon of Purpose. You can listen and print out the accompanying Moon Spirals here:

Have you been noticing the Seeds that the universe has been planting in you these past few weeks, through the Seed wave and now into this year of 8 Seeds? They may be subtle glimpses and whispers of a truer sense of how and what you’re ready to live. Notice and remember and nurture these seeds, all through this year. What are the 8 Seeds life is inviting you to live?


If you’d like to learn what the heck I’m talking about with the Calendar and the waves and all, I just put up a New Video and Two Audios for Learning the Calendar (we use these in my Time Traveling course):

Learning to Calendar Journey


This coming Monday, on July 29th, there’s a Grand Sextile with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces, all still making a Grand Water Trine, PLUS Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo and the Moon in Taurus all trine one another making a Grand Earth Trine. Potentiality abounds! Major astrological goodness is accompanying our emergence into this new year. Again the theme of earthing this new flow is echoed. Allow the blessings to soak into your being!


If you’re resonating with these Cosmic Update Emails, or listening to the Moonthly Audio Calendar Podcasts, my Calendar is a great tool for deepening into living these storied waves and ways, and for seeing the story of the year as it unfolds…

Go here to Order your Calendar Journey Guidebook for the Earth Seeding Action Year!


Before this New Year begins, comes the Day Out of Time on Thursday July 25th. This day comes after Moon 13 ends and before Moon 1 of the new year begins. It’s my favorite day as I give myself this one day with no plans to just see what wants to unfold… This year it falls on 7 Night in the Earth wave, and so it seems like a time for going within to attune to new stories and dreams. We’ll see!


To Seeding Life,

Stargazer Li



Perhaps an Essence Elixir could support you in taking action from a new place in your being…

May I suggest Cosmic Fabulousity, Naked Presence, and So Wonderful.

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