Reinventing Freedom

Greetings Keeper of Time,

If you’ve been feeling like napping in a blanket fort or reading by a fire, in bed, or the bathtub, more than doing anything else, you might be relieved to know that this is a widespread phenomenon these days!

With Mercury going retrograde in the sign Cancer this morning, Jupiter entering Cancer last night, and the Sun in Cancer making a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune, also both in water signs and both retrograde, this is just what’s happening! The waters are rising, and the sleepy, dreamy, soul of the deeper us is exerting its weight and volume to rock us into a new shape and form. And that’s a good thing, when we’re not determined to carry on with our relentless agendas, even if it feels disorienting initially!

It’s time for us to revisit and revise how we nourish and nurture ourselves, and others, and how we rely on our felt-sense to guide us. Continuously noticing and acknowledging what’s arising is a way to be with this. We may find ourselves wanting different things than before, to do, to eat, or to say. This is not merely an adjustment being called for, but a fundamental transformation, a freeing of ourselves from an old deep sense of insecurity, in whatever form that has taken (and you might want to take some time to ask youself what forms that has taken in your life).

With these flowing transits in play, now through early August is our best chance in a long while, and for a long while to come, of learning to live in a more positive flowing manner, to let go of the past and old ways, to remember and honor our roots, and to allow the universe to bestow blessings upon us. It’s time for us to come home, and to be at home!

We’re in the Monkey wave now and it’s time to have some fun and be curious and discover ourselves anew! And, if you experience the universe monkeying around with you, well just stop and give it a banana, and try not taking yourself so seriously! Trickster may just be doing what’s needed to loosen you up…

Tomorrow, Thursday, we enter Moon 13 ~ the Moon of Freedom. It’s a time for us to begin living more freely, at home in the universe! Let’s move beyond freedom as an idea or aspiration, or as meaning we can do whatever we want, into granting ourselves:

~ freedom from what we’ve used to suppress our authentic selves,

~ freedom to trust ourselves and life, and

~ freedom to live guided by our deepest watery soul.

You can listen to or download my *free* Audio Calendar Podcast for Moon 13 ~ The Moon of Freedom in this Skywalking Storm Attunement Year, and print out the accompanying Moon Spirals here:

The next few weeks are a grand opportunity for us to soak in some positive vibes and build our capacities for living well.

To Freedom,

Stargazer Li



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