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Manifesting As & With What Is

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, We live on Earth. This is our home, in the solar system, galaxy, and universe. Our purpose this year has been to learn to navigate this earthed life through synchronicity, to ground in embodiment, and to move with the shifting tectonic plates that continually shake up the seeming solid. […]

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Storied Moonlit Nights

Greetings Keeper of Time, As the fullish Moon warms these last Nights of winter, we’re invited to keep coming home to ourselves amidst the shifting story that’s becoming real… On Monday and Tuesday nights, the still pretty full Moon joins with Jupiter in blessing the star Spica (the Seed Jewel in the Hand of the Goddess), rising in the […]

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Reinventing Freedom

Greetings Keeper of Time, If you’ve been feeling like napping in a blanket fort or reading by a fire, in bed, or the bathtub, more than doing anything else, you might be relieved to know that this is a widespread phenomenon these days! With Mercury going retrograde in the sign Cancer this morning, Jupiter entering […]

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