Storied Moonlit Nights

Greetings Keeper of Time,

As the fullish Moon warms these last Nights of winter, we’re invited to keep coming home to ourselves amidst the shifting story that’s becoming real…

On Monday and Tuesday nights, the still pretty full Moon joins with Jupiter in blessing the star Spica (the Seed Jewel in the Hand of the Goddess), rising in the east later in the evening.

There is much beauty in these times, much respect to be remembered and embodied, that the seeds we plant might sprout and thrive in the deep soil of our newly storied beings with the coming of spring.

Enjoy these last glimpses of Venus as the Evening Star in the west, getting lower each night.There’s an epic story of our Venus Mystic Love Warrior natures being initiated late January through mid May, that is told in this month’s podcast.

Have a listen to the story that’s unfolding in our lives and beings:
Moon 9 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Storying By Moonlight,

Stargazer Li

Reading Your Cosmic Map ~ An Astrological Adventure
We’ve been adventuring for a while, but since this is self-paced,
you can still join in! A perfect way to learn more about your cosmic map in a way that makes this Venus retrograde cycle come alive in your life!!

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