Seeds Sprouting in Earth Bring Transformational Ripening

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight’s Full Moon in Libra is glancingly eclipsed by subtle shadow. This penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible from Japan, through the Americas, all the way to western Europe and Africa. Eclipse season, which will carry us through the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse, is now open!!

In the twilight, as Full Moon rises in the east, you might catch a glimpse of Mercury low in the west!

Tomorrow, softening and balancing our relatedness approaches with all of Life, we emerge from the transformational Seed portals to walk strongly and freely as presence amidst realness.

This coming week, really being here, on Earth, shifting with the shiftingness of the tectonic plates of Gaia’s body, navigating by synchronicity, begins to more fully mature and ripen us. 

Monday, April 1st, Mercury turns Retrograde in Aries (until 4/25), as we re-approach our willingness, in thought and word, to live the spontaneous emergence of self-expression. Be real.


Hear so much more in my Moon 9 Podcast.

Happy Seeds Sprouting in Earth Bringing Transformational Ripening​,


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