Monkey Seeding Real Growth

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tomorrow (Thursday), we begin Moon 9 ~ the Moon of Realization, where the actions we’ve been engaged in bring into the Real. Monkeying around in the Universe, our ongoing explorations and discoveries make us more real as we transformingly craft a life.

Tomorrow and Friday before dawn in the east, Moon visits Venus for the 7th divestment, dropping the root chakra robes. We stand naked in our beingness, bobbing around and communing, especially in this weekend’s imaginally dream-rich oceanic waters with Neptune and Dark Pisces Moon. On Monday, attracted by the deliciousness​, Venus moves into Pisces! 

From these unfathomable depths, on Wed, 3/13, Seed sprouts, deep within the story as Sun conjuncts Neptune, then opens us into an ongoing portal of organic growthfulness, amidst the warmth and brightness of returning Sun in Aries Spring Equinoxing forth. Through most of this Seed wave, will come ten straight portal days (3/15-3/24), bringing intensified connection with aliveness, dimensional potency, and growth through transforming! Deepening connection, staying rooted in the rich deep dark soil, emerging, transforming, ripening, these are the layers of beingness through which we’re becoming real.

Venus conjuncts Saturn in Pisces, then Mars moves into Pisces too, just after Equinox. This is about keeping the connection with the storied unfolding of the Universe, even as we emerge through the vigor and action of Spring!

Hear so much more in my Moon 9 Podcast.

Happy Monkey Seeding Real Growth,



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