Aries Total Solar Eclipse

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Even as we continue to surrender in humility to what​ is, bridge worlds ​as we reside in the​ liminal zone, and begin to walk and talk the waxing and waningness of our new Moon portal form…

Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, a second Dark Moon in Aries (the very last degree) brings a Total Solar Eclipse (visible along the edges of Australia and New Zealand). This brings a reset of what’s manifesting emergently​ as us, which will ripple through our lives for years to come. Where we take action from in our beings now changes, more fully and spontaneously!

On Friday, Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus (for a good few weeks), giving us pause to sense our way into the changes in our embodiment, and allow them to manifest in our thinking, learning, and conversing.

Saturday, a 13-day energizing Storm thunders through our beings and world, and timely unexpectedness manifests, resuscitatingly sparking embodied aliveness. Our hearts now beat to the delicious rhythm of Dragon song attunement, as waxing, recently eclipsing, Crescent Moon bestows upon Venus a 4th vestment heart chakra amulet with a protective resonating stone. 

Hear so much more in my Moon 10 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Aries Total Solar Eclipse,


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Showing Up

Ancestor Tracking Sessions
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