Being Manifest

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Welcome to Moon 10 ~ the Moon of Manifestation. This is a time for showing up in presence, for simply being manifest, rather than trying to manifest what​ we want. This is a matured layer of selfhood being invited to experience and express.​

Here we are, Skywalkering a new reality. Journeying in the real real world. Honoring What Is, wanting to be here meeting the moment, connecting with all the alivenesses.

This is a time for showing up as us, truly, for entering the moonlit marketplace, beneath tomorrow night’s Full Moon in Libra (opposite Sun with Chiron in Aries). It’s time for actively reveling in relational freedom, by bringing us. Present, emergent, connected.

On Sunday, we enter the Worldbridger wave. This is a time of dying to who we’ve been (yes, still), of surrendering our war on naturalness, our insistences, and thus being able to honoringly bridge worlds. Life is inviting us to show up as living portals, as storied liminal What Isness. 

This year, in this calendar, began on July 26th, which was a 4 Moon portal day in the Worldbridger wave​. Next Wednesday, 4/12, is also a 4 Moon portal day in the Worldbridger wave​, come around again. It’s the walking & talking day of this year. We get to live the learnings of this year since last summer. We get to feel a bit more form, even in our changingness. Each moment is a divinatory dance, drummed and sung by all of life, being manifest. It’s time to walk and talk this as our lives!!

Hear so much more in my Moon 10 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Being Manifest,



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