Starry Ripening Brings Liberating ReBirth

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Well, I’m imagining you’ve noticed a major shift in the vibe​ since Tuesday, when Mercury turned Retrograde in Gemini & Jupiter moved into Aries! More energy for action to be sure, and maybe even some catching up…

This Sunday evening, May 15th, Full Moon in Scorpio is Totally Eclipsed, as Venus visits Chiron in Aries, resetting the old wounded story of embodied power, that we may live & give, & feel, the gift of potent depth in our experience of I Am. This Blood Moon can be seen broadly on the planet: most of North America, South America, South & Western Europe and Africa, and the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans! Click here for viewing details from your location

​This eclipse comes in the​ last days of the Star wave, here in the Moon of Liberation. What is ready to be released? Ways of being and relating… No need to make ourselves or anyone else bad or wrong. It’s just time to see what’s going on and relinquish what’s not healthy or alive, and be liberated! We’re ripening into choosing beauty.​

​Speaking of liberation, we’re just getting going with this transformational eclipse moment, because on Thursday, May 19th, Dragon births us onto a liberating new 260-day wave upon wave journey of releasing all that got us here but has become dissonant and no longer serves in our moving to the next level. Sweet release, if we let it be.

On May 26-27th, heading into Memorial day weekend, Moon visits Venus in Aries for the 5th divestment’s relinquishing of the ring of power. Now, we stand naked within our third chakra, wanting & choosing This. Mars moves into its home sign of Aries & teams up with newly in Aries Jupiter around the same time. So much expansive releasing of the frustrated forces of immaturity, liberating our willingness to embody active, vigorous, creative presence & lead the dance well!

The predawn lineup of planets in the east continues:

5/22 Moon w/ Saturn
5/24 Moon w/ Mars & Jupiter
5/26-7 Moon w/ Venus for 5th Divestment 

Hear so much more in my Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast!

Happy Starry Ripening in Liberating ReBirth,


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