Soaring Liberation

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Eclipse season is upon us! Tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, New Moon in Taurus partially eclipses Sun (visible in southern South America). Uranus is very close by. This is a revolutionary reset moment, inviting us to live as more free, sensual, embodied beings, and to carefully consider what we value and consume. You are what you eat!! 

Also tomorrow, Venus & Jupiter conjoin in Pisces, with Neptune nearby, as our expansively living and journeying in the vastness of this storied Universe becomes even more personal. Artful expression of beauty abounds and imbues…

We’re in the final days of the Moon of Manifestation, and Monday we shift into the Moon of Liberation. What helped get us here, but no longer serves as we move to the next level, now becomes dissonant and dissolves, releasing us into an experience of liberation!​ 

In the coming days, Jupiter in Pisces is sextile Pluto in Capricorn, and the old calcified underpinnings of our habit of using structures to shape us and our days crumbles and dissolves, bringing liberating release from the powerful bonds that have held us in place. On the wings of Eagle, we can choose to soar into the next level’s vast sea of potentiality.

Here, among the Stars, our living-in-the-magic ripening happens. Next level elegance & creativity dances us into being, release upon release… 

On May 10th, Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini for a change of mind. Also, hugely, Jupiter moves into Aries, and begins actively & assertively letting go & moving on. We’re about to be invigorated! Be sure to allow this new energy to arise from a new place in your being that wants This, as the old war-like forcing and imposing willful ways are to be released.

On May 15th, Full Moon in Scorpio is totally eclipsed, as Venus visits Chiron in Aries, resetting the old wounded story of embodied power, that we may live & give the gift of potent depth. 

The predawn lineup of planets in the east continues for a couple more weeks. Venus & Jupiter are the brightest, with more faint and colorful Mars and Saturn rising a bit earlier.

Hear so much more in my Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast!

Happy Soaring Liberation,



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