Deeply Shifting

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

As Mercury explores new ground, moving beyond its retrograde shadow, we welcome this New Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus, happening Now!

Dark Moon & Sun conjoined in Scorpio set in the west as Uranus rises in the east at its brightest, beckoningly emanating a deeply energizing invitation into embodying direct relatedness, quietly and darkly uttering a way to freedom.

This Skywalker serpent-like slithering into freedom journey brings us, tomorrow, to a threshold between worlds, a place of mixing that requires us to courageously die to who we’ve been, relinquishing known form. Here, through surrender & true humility, in the coming 13-days, we learn to live as Worldbridgers.

In this Moon of Form, we shed our ideas of form, and embrace dynamically emergent formingness…

Also tomorrow (Friday), Mercury joins the party in Scorpio, and Venus (who’s currently dancing at, and with, the center of the galaxy) moves into Capricorn for a lengthy, initiatory stay (until early March!).

Early evening Sunday, in the west, waxing Crescent Moon visits Venus amidst the wafted Milky Way star-steam of the Teapot’s spout. A 6th Vestment scepter is bestowed, enhancing third-eye pineal perception of the mysteries…

On Wednesday, Mercury teams up with Mars in Scorpio as they square Saturn in Aquarius. Action and speech coming from deep presence and embodiment of the new energies is the expressive work of this moment!

Saturn & Jupiter shine brightly in the south, joined by Moon Nov 9th–12th.

Hear the fuller story in my Moon 4 Audio Calendar Podcast

Happy Deeply Shifting,


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