Sunning and Skywalking in the Moon of Form

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Welcome to Moon 4 ~ the Moon of Form, in this year when Wizard Seeds Wind.

Mercury in Libra stations Direct today, as new ways of relating take form, tangibly expressing via our thought patterns and articulations.

Sun carries us toward the dark of the year, bringing us in, and home. Ripening our new beginning in relating and meeting challenge, we’re learning not to cling to identity or persona, but to simply shine in the day and rest in the underworld night, maintaining ourselves and showing up.

Wednesday, Full Moon in Aries glows in the dark, the embodied impulse to assert and express, with feeling.

Friday, the Sun wave completes, along with our new beginning in relatedness​, as Sun moves into the Scorpionic depths…

Saturday, we commence the process of refining our new forms of relating by Skywalking. As we journey dimensionally, we’re extending our experience of form into a more inclusive and nuanced embrace and expression of here & now

Mars enters Scorpio on Oct 30th, ushering us into willingly embodied depth during this time of ancestral remembering…

Jupiter and Saturn shine in the south evenings. Venus is high and bright in the west early evenings. And, newly direct Mercury shows up in the east before dawn to deliver a message…

Hear the fuller story in my Moon 4 Audio Calendar Podcast

Happy Sunning and Skywalking in the Moon of Form​,



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