Wind-Danced Seeds

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Are you noticing the greater airy lightness of the vibe begun this week of the new year (even with the ongoing challenges of life in these times)? 

We’re being invited to meet what unfolds by breathing and communing with spirit, with the unseen. Gone are the​ dense times on concentrated effort. Now, we’re learning to move with what’s moving, amidst the spaciousness, to be danced by Wind…

Our thoughts and words become seeds, spread in all directions. This is our purpose and originates this year of moving in new, more spacious and fertile, ways.

Today, Sun & Mercury join in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius, with Saturn rising in the east & shining its brightest of the year as Sun/Mercury set in the​ west. Self-love and playful creative enthusiasm can be balancing in relating with and meeting the maturing work of respectfully living this new reality!

As this week progresses, Mercury then Sun move on to flowingly trine Chiron the Wounded Healer Teacher in Aries, and then square Uranus in Taurus. Our perceiving, learning, articulating capacities, and how we know ourselves and our sense of purpose, are engaged in healing and teaching through some assertive self-expression and pleasurably revolutionary embodied action. Revel in the realness of loving the new ways and work of this emerging Aquarian Age.

Tomorrow, Venus in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus, flowing some sacredly practical love into embracing the timely and unpredictable mix… Dance to the music of Universe unfolding. Sing with every gesture…

This great Windy exhale, on Friday, brings the 13-day Eagle wave in this Moon of Purpose & Originating, as Eagle takes wing, lifted into flight. Upon Aquarian Winds, soaringly flying free, gaining perspective & seeing clearly, gliding the currents in the upper realms of magic, this is living our purpose.

Hear the new story of this new year in my extended

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Happy Wind-Danced Seeds,



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