Wizard Seeds Wind New Year

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Moon, wax-dipped in magic, day by day, culminates in tonight’s 1 degree of Aquarius Full Moon, shining from the revolutionary Jupiter~Saturn conjunction zone of December 2020, that birthed a new 20-year air sign Aquarian living of what’s ours to do and how, our new way and work.

Tomorrow (Saturday), begins the 13-day Wind wave that will carry us into the  new year. Wind opens a portal connecting us with the seemingly unseen. We breathe in spirit, and exhaling, express our freedom cry.

The year closes Saturday night with Moon & Saturn (in Aquarius) rising in the east, as Venus & Mars caress the heart of Lion in the west.

Sunday, July 25th, is the Day Out of Time, on 2 Night in the Wind wave, offering the possibility of being deeply at home in intimate relatedness with spirit, dreaming and singing a new story. This day between the years, I love to honor and meet by seeing what​ wants to unfold!

Nightfall brings Disseminating Moon in Pisces shining with Jupiter, swelling us into the New Year…

The New Year —Monday, July 26, 2021— arrives on a 3 Seed day in the Wind wave, in the Green realm of Magic. This is the third year in a 13-year Wizard journey.

The storied theme of this year to come is Wizard Seeds Wind

This year, we learn to move in new ways, breathing and speaking spirit, seeding and feeding possibility. Living flow, we’re learning as we go…

Three is the number of movement, flow, and harmony . . . Three connects the tree-like levels of Heaven/Spirit, Body, and Earth. This is a year of Being Here, present on/in Earth, in the Universe, living embodied flow. As we do, we move beyond insistently challenging binaries, and find ourselves third thinging!

Seed offers fertile, growthful, flowering, fruitful, becoming. Containing the knowing of its own unfolding, in perfect timing, Seed cracks open ––reaching beyond itself into life, down into Earth, and up into sky–– becoming more and different, according to its nature. As generous possibility, organically and knowingly growing, Seed brings forth beauty, food, and further possibility.

Seeds on the Wind, glide and ride the seemingly unseen animating breath of spirit, fertile possibility dancing with Lifeas beyond intention prayerful song, the fluff of cottonwoods, carried by spirit, eloquently articulating this moment.

Wizard Seeds Wind, actively engaged in spreading generous possibility, beyond effort, and free from attachment, agenda, or needing to use them to get anywhere or accomplish anything. Magic is just seeding wind…

Shining us into Monday’s new year, Moon & Jupiter illuminate a vast, artful Piscean dream, cool waters raising Wind, breath of spirit, words, songs, gestures, & poetic utterances, that carry and dance 3 Seeds of generous possibility. This is a time of speaking & singing the origin stories of new realities.

Wednesday, Jupiter rejoins Saturn in airy Aquarius, both shining brightly (rising in the east as Sun sets). We’re weaving our dream stories into this new reality, by learning to live the magic of our way and place, our unique purpose, in bringing this new time.

Hear the new story of this new year in my extended
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Happy Wizard Seeds Wind New Year,



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