Vitalizing Serpent Dance

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in very human-relating engaged Libra shines opposite Sun with Venus & Chiron in physically- and assertively-expressive Aries. There’s healing available in this time around lovingly showing up as and maintaining ourselves in relatedness of all kinds.

Tomorrow is also the last day of the Human wave in this Moon of Realization, and so reveals what’s wanting to become more real as our lived lives, as what it means and looks like to be human.

This Full Moon carries us into Monday’s start of the 13-day Serpent wave, flowing vitality down from the cosmos into and through our bodies and nervous systems into the world. On Tuesday, the Serpent portal opens wide, and stays open, for ten days of continual transformational dosing of new energies… May we allow this real cosmic energy source to be our motivating force.

Lots of oomph is available for empowered relating, with everyone and everything, through an undulating dance of embodied realness! Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces ensures that the realm of what’s considered real is vast.

Hear more of this story in my Moon 9 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Vitalizing Serpent Dance,



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Human Freedom

Ancestor Tracking Sessions
for remembering ourselves as humans, connected with the humans that came before, as well as their times and places, bring us home to our humanness.


Last year, I was interviewed for the Bespoken Bones podcast. I geeked out in a big way on ancestor tracking, reality, rivers, the Paleolithic, stars, inviting, and so much more. Enjoy!


Receiving Life & Conversing with the Universe with Stargazer Li
I was interviewed by Meredith Rom. Give a listen!


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