Balancingly Human Amidst Realness

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Cast up on the shores of being Human, we differentiate and individuate through today’s Aries Spring Equinox. Creative will(ingness) is the impulse from which to assert, emerge, and express! 

Our actions now come into form, in season and concert with the tides of the times, as this real emergent moment of being human selves meeting the world.

Amidst this refining journey, Venus moves into Aries, and later this week encounters Sun during an underworld initiation, that we might become, and come to know ourselves as, more fully, physically, and uninhibitedly willing to love.

Hear more of the story in my Moon 9 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Being Balancingly Human Amidst Realness,


Essence Elixirs
Human Freedom

Ancestor Tracking Sessions
for remembering ourselves as humans, connected with the humans that came before, as well as their times and places, bring us home to our humanness.


Last year, I was interviewed for the Bespoken Bones podcast. I geeked out in a big way on ancestor tracking, reality, rivers, the Paleolithic, stars, inviting, and so much more. Enjoy!


Receiving Life & Conversing with the Universe with Stargazer Li
I was interviewed by Meredith Rom. Give a listen!


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