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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Such a weekend this has been, initiated by the dreamy New Moon in watery Pisces (with Neptune & Venus) late Friday into early Saturday, flowing into Moon in Aries that today is asserting a Daylight Savings Time temporal reality shift (for many). All this, as we head toward Spring Equinox and the beginning of Aries season this coming Saturday. 

I find the Pisces to Aries shift an intriguing and important one, this end –beginning of the zodiac. Aries, Spring Equinox, being the astrological new year, the first sign, the springing forth impulse for individuating action, comes out of Pisces’ diffused union with the grand, storied Universe.

The learning of this time seems to be how to individuate while maintaining our connection with the​ All-That-Is! Totally possible, and certainly not what we’ve learned in modern culture. 

So, today, and this week, as we linger, afloat in the amniotic, with Mercury on Monday joining us here in Pisces, we learn to let go into the vastness, while feeling the stirrings that will move us into action from this place. 

The trick is to not over-value action, not to be over-eager for it, but to relax into this field and allow action to naturally arise… This is teaching us a new way of being actively Human.

Speaking of which, the Human wave arrives on Tuesday, here in the Moon of Realization. And so, we’re invited to become Real Humans, through birthing into expression from the oceanic vastness of spirit without losing our connection. We’re the Universe showing up as us, living in the Universe! 

I’ve found myself speaking with many folks lately about this time, and what does this even mean to be human. It seems we’ve allowed ourselves to “define” humanness as our “we’re only human​” failings, rather than holding ourselves responsible for becoming Human in conversation with all of life. 

This seems to me the very Aquarian work of this time, to find our way into showing up in our uniqueness, living our freedom, and being in connection with humans and all kinds of beings, as we converse together. This makes us really Human. The persona-branded entitled selves we’ve been trying to live is not so human. Time to be souls embodied, learning to live as humans!

Thursday and Friday evenings, Moon shines with Mars and the star Aldebaran (red eye of the Bull) in the south-southwest. Saturn and Jupiter continue to emerge in the east before Dawn.

Hear so much more of the story in my Moon 9 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happily Real Humans,



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