Wind Speaks the Unseen into Form

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today begins the 13-day Wind wave, in this Green realm of magic…

From the deep, Wind arises, breath of spirit, stirrings of the unseen, moving us to speech and song. Our saying & singing bestows form. 

This Sunday is the Conception Day for Next New Year in this calendar, as spirit breathes fertile possibilities into 3 Seeds. This 2 Storms in the​ Mirror year we’re in now is watering deep what’s to grow into being…

On Tuesday, Mercury (now direct) returns to Scorpio, ​amidst a building extravaganza of intensity as this week progresses. 

On Thursday, before dawn, Venus hands over its ring of power to waning Moon for the 5th divestment, and we learn to stand naked in our willingness to love. 

Then, Jupiter exactly conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn for deepening into conversation with the ancestors and the potent darkness, in this time for dying to the structures that have been and renewing our ways as journeyers.

On Friday, Mars stations direct in Aries to strongly express the power of wanting and choosing THIS.

And, on Saturday, we plunge into the magically Dark Scorpion Moon.

This is a week to be met, rather than survived. How we each meet this time is who we are becoming. So much of the transformational demand of this year is culminating right now!! Want This. Choose This.

Hear the whole story in my Moon 4 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Mars shines high in the east at nightfall, with Jupiter & Saturn together in the southwest evenings.

Happy Winds Speaking the Unseen into Form,


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