Learning to Be Siblings & Make Friends With Love

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We have a lot to learn!

We’re in the midst of a Venus Retrograde movement between worlds that initiates a new Venus in Gemini cycle. This retrograde period brings a time and journey of reviewing, revising, and reforming our experiences of love, beauty, value, and money. The Gemini Twins are associated with being siblings or friends, and this sign brings the energy of talking, inquiring, learning, and change.

The time is upon us to learn to make friends with ourselves and those around us, both human and otherwise. This is a time to recognize and learn to be brothers and sisters and friends with each other, to truly value and love one another, to speak, listen, and be interested, and to learn. I don’t​ mean this in a “love and light” way. I mean in an actual being human and in ongoing conversation with what’s unfolding way. In a relating rather than an othering way.​ In a grappling with, listening, and finding our way to what’s real to say and do rather than lazily, fearfully, and righteously speaking from our habitual self-centering reality way. ​

“May I meet this moment fully.
May I meet it as a friend.”
~ Sylvia Boorstein

Yesterday began Moon 12 ~ the Moon of Integration. We just completed the Moon of Liberation, time of the dissonance and dissolving of what no longer serves, that in being released liberates us to the next level. Now, we look to what’s been as well as what​’s to come, and we begin to integrate who and what remains after the letting go.​

And so, what arises in these times teaches us what is to be learned in these times. ​And, here we are ~ the murder of George Floyd, the rioting of the police, and the epidemic and lockdown of covid. The work of this, the emotional labor of this moment, of feeling our way toward how to respond in this moment, and the next, and the next, is what life is asking of all of us right now. It’s for Us to Stay In This & With This. And, for those of us who have the luxury, to not retreat to the comfort of our privileged realities. 

The world is changing, day by day, and it’s incumbent upon each of us to transform right along with the structures (both societal and personal) as they crumble, to ​show up and meet this moment, and to become more fully present, embodied, and engaged as the alternative. 

On Wednesday, the​ Worldbridger wave begins, bringing a time of continually dying to who we’ve been, to surrendering and residing in humility on the threshold​ between worlds. From here, we can become bridges. 

Also on Wednesday, Venus is conjunct​ Sun, the seeding of the new Venus cycle. This is when our sense of self-identity and purpose aligns with this new learning around love and valuing. They’ll both be square Mars, so there’s internal tension with embodied anger and a strong need to take action. It’s for us to learn to take action from a different place in our beings, one that engages both learning to love and taking action!

Over the past week, I’ve been engaged in grokking and articulating this time. And, I’ve recorded for you a Special Edition Podcast: Venus Retrograde in Gemini ~ Learning to Make Friends with Love

Venus has slipped from the​ evening sky. Jupiter and Saturn are high in the southeast now before dawn, while Mars shines well above the horizon. The middle to latter days of this week, you may catch a glimpse of Mercury just above the western horizon after sunset.

Friday’s Full Moon brings a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. While this is subtle as eclipse energies go (just a shadowing, visible in Eurasia and Africa), it opens an extended eclipse season​ that will carry through the Summer Solstice Annual Solar Eclipse, and another Penumbral eclipse a month from now. ​The theme of this first eclipse seems to me related to following guidance as we journey by coming more deeply into our place of knowing and being in conversation with Life as our felt sense guide.

Hear the larger story of this time in my Moon 12 Audio Calendar Podcast 

To Learning to Be Siblings & Make Friends With Love,


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