Birthing New Realities

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight, early evening in the west, Moon visits Venus, with the Pleiades star cluster very nearby (that Venus will be approaching in the coming week).

Moon gifts Venus a 6th vestment, pineal-topped, scepter of sovereignty. The pineal is associated with the third eye and the connection between the physical and energetic worlds.This is the sixth time that Moon has visibly visited Venus while Venus has been the Evening Star. Each moonthly visit, Moon confers a “vestment” to Venus, corresponding to the chakras, lowest to highest. This is the 6th (by my reckoning, some say the 7th). This is a time of seeing sovereignly, of embodying the authority to govern ourselves. This is a time to trust what we see and know.

The pineal gland serves as a light receptor and produces melatonin, which regulates sleep and waking cycles. We, and our pineal, need the darkness, the balance of dark and light, especially at this spring equinox time of year. Most of us are darkness deprived, and sleep deprived. We’ve valued the light and wakeful productivity over dark dream-seeing for far too long. Very interesting to note that lack of melatonin may be a major factor in susceptibility to this virus!

So, go out tonight and say hello, soak in the darkness-held beauty. Receive the scepter. Choose to embody your freedom to live according to natural rhythms and cycles.

We’re in the last week of the Moon of Realization (Moon 9), readying to enter the Moon of Manifestation. This is the time, in any process, where all that we’ve seen and been doing begins to come into form, to be realized, and now, right before it is fully manifest and exists complete in its own right, we have this opportune moment for adjusting and refining, for tweaking things and ourselves in ways that change everything. It took a lot to get here! Now is the time to be active and alert, and know that our choices are about to become manifest.

This weekend completes a round of 13-day waves begun back in July, having to do with the theme of Freedom. What has been being freed? Certainly our sense of what is tangible and real, what must be, and how we live!

Monday, begins the Dragon wave, and thus a new round of waves that lasts until mid December (260 days, about nine months). Commencing in the Moon of Realization, this whole round brings learning around the theme of reality, of what’s real. The Dragon wave always begins the round of waves and births a new beginning. So, this is the birthing of new realities. Surely!

Dragon births the beginning of new realities as Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn (exact in a week, on the first day of the Moon of Manifestation). The lived freedom of the last round of waves now meets expansion and abundance combined with intense transformation through death/rebirth, which confer the power of realness wave by wave for 260-days. Tangible structural transformation is happening in our lives, societies, and world. And, this will involve an expansion in deaths, both literal and of that which is ripe for renewal. There is much opportunity here right alongside the grief of loss, as new realities become manifest.

Mars joins with Saturn in Aquarius at this birthing. The embodiment of new realities and our having the will for doing our work to bring to life this serious revolution is being activated!

We can literally see what’s emerging in the predawn eastern sky with Jupiter shining bright white and a bit lower reddish Mars & yellowish Saturn together.

Living the mystery seems to be the way of it in these times. May this moment bring us more strongly stepping into doing what’s ours to do in the emergence of new realities. This begins at home, literally. How we do what we do, and from where in our beings, is the biggest contributing factor to what is really created!

Hear so much more in my Moon 9 Audio Calendar Podcast.

To Birthing New Realities,



Sessions of all kinds are happening!

Essence & Calendar orders are suspended for now.

This fall, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Pavini Moray for the Bespoken Bones podcast. I geeked out in a big way on ancestor tracking, reality, rivers, the Paleolithic, stars, inviting, and so much more. People are loving this conversation. Give a Listen!

If you’re inspired to journey with me in this way, consider an Ancestor Tracking Session. I’ve been doing so many lately! This is a time for remembering ourselves as humans, connected with the humans that came before as well as their times and places. Kids can get involved too, by interviewing parents and grandparents!



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