Moon 9 Audio Calendar Podcast

Welcome to Moon 9 ~ the Moon of Realization ~ in this Wizard Originating Year March 7 through April 3, 2020


Download or Listen Here Moon 9 Podcast


View the Moon Spiral while listening: Moon 9 Handout

Order the 2020 Datebook, a week-at-a-glance version of the calendar. Can be used for journaling and/or scheduling, magically! [Only 1 slightly imperfect one remains.]

Purchase a Printed Calendar for this Wizard Originating Year to see the whole story and follow along as you listen to the podcast. Also, I’m offering a Calendar Series for learning this way of Keeping Time, free to all printed calendar purchasers! Okay, I started sending this series out and then the Universe seemed to want to have a big break before the next comes out (which I’ve already recorded, but I’m working for Life and trust it’s timing). Perhaps we have more then enough going on at the moment!!




Hear all about this Year that we’re in! Moon 1 & New Year Audio Calendar Podcast

View the Moon Spiral while listening: Moon 1 Handout and Moon 13 that led up to this new year

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