Moon Breathes

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Long slow cycles are unfolding, quickly! Ha. It’s like a moon cycle is a breath cycle. The slowing of us down to meet the moment continues as we learn to ride the elephant, even as the ongoing demand for immediate action is intensely present. This weave of energies is shifting how we show up and meet life. A new foundation and structure is being built, slowly, yet immediately and tangibly.

There is so much that we don’t know. And we’re learning to tolerate the sensation of not knowing. At the same time, we’re being asked to live the knowing of what we do know. We’re tired. And, this is okay. And still, we can meet life as we are, actively.

The big news is that Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces this afternoon (or evening on the east coast) until March 9th. This brings a time for re-visiting and re-thinking, for resting our active minds and allowing intuition to guide us, for learning to articulate that which has been unspeakable. There’s a deep dreaming calling us as we slow down. During this time, we re-approach, from a different angle, the new story we’re learning to live. Sun moves into Pisces on Tuesday, and next weekend’s New Moon is in Pisces. All joining Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) in Pisces. On a very personal level, we are learning to actively rest, and to ride the big energies of life, rather than pushing and making happen with our own energies.

Also today, Mars moves into Capricorn (joining the Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn work party in Capricorn). Our physical embodiment in creating and making, in taking action is strong and slow and steady now. Having the will to do the work is what we’re learning. This is different than pushing ourselves, or imposing our will. This is a time of simply doing what we’re doing, and letting it take however long it takes. At the end of this week, Mars trines Uranus and squares Chiron. Allowing ourselves the pleasures of embodiment is revolutionary and healing!

Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces becomes exact later this week (and is strongly present this week and next). There is great positive potentiality for creatively reconciling the energies of slow steady work in the world and dreamy intuitive merging with spirit. We can become something real beyond what we’ve imagined. This involves taking action from a different place in our beings than we have been.

Just a few days are left in this Moon wave, as we synch with rhythms and cycles, then (starting Wednesday) the breath of spirit moves as Wind, breathing through us, becoming our speech & song, our lived prayer in every moment. The magic of what we speak into life is our freedom expressed. This is not about intention. This is learning to speak with Life as Life!

Hear more in this Moon 8 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Predawn planet lineup in the east this week!

On Monday, see Moon, then Mars, then Jupiter, then (for those in Southern Hemisphere) Saturn. Reddish Antares (Dude, that’s not Mars!) is actually brighter than Mars at the moment and will be the other side of Moon.

On Tuesday, Moon is with Mars and occults Mars, meaning Moon passes between Earth and Mars so that Mars disappears and reappears). See this article for times at your location.

On Wednesday, Moon is with Jupiter.

On Thursday Moon is with Saturn (though too low to horizon for most in the Northern Hemisphere).

In the west, Venus continues to shine, high and bright, as Evening Star after sunset.

Happy Breathing as Moon Breathes,



As of today, I’m fully in my new home in Grass Valley, CA! With the Mercury Retrograde, unpacking will ensue. ORDERS of calendars, datebooks, and essences will likely be mailed starting next week (the week of Feb 24th), which is also when I’ll resume doing SESSIONS.


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