Riding the Elephant ~ Jupiter Enters Capricorn

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today marks a big shift as Jupiter moves into Capricorn (for about a year) until Winter Solstice 2020.

Jupiter is the bringer of expansion, good fortune, meaning, teaching, journeying, and confidence. Capricorn is not Jupiter’s favorite sign to be in, as Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn. Capricorn is very serious, slow, steady, mature, pragmatic, consolidating, and tangible.

These are pretty different energies to reconcile! And yet, Jupiter bringing its expansive and expressive ways to living the solid Capricorn areas of interest and concern can be quite beneficial, in the long run. This is a slow play year, bringing a more sober and serious approach to journeying in life, that can be very growthful and may well mature our confidence. Good fortune comes as we work the path of what​’s ours to do. Think patience woven with confidence, taking our time, with relaxed trust in the wisdom of experience, and allowing natural measured growthfulness.

It’s like riding an elephant. There is much slow power and gracious wisdom that we can enjoy riding and spontaneously expressing. This is a time for doing the big work, the important real things, the foundational structural things, not in a rush, but slowly and steadily.

To give you a sense of this energy, allow me to describe the process of writing this cosmic update…

I thought to write and send this email last night, but I wasn’t feeling it and I’ve learned to honor that. Then, I imagined I might get up early and write it, but I ended up wanting to linger in bed this morning and start the day slowly. Then, as 10:30am approached (Pacific time) I sat down and got totally into Jupiter in Capricorn, sketching my thoughts on the subject and looking into what others had to say about it. I was ready, it was time, and the flow and meaning was just here. It felt good and what​ I could gift you with this I knew would be so much richer and better than doing from a place of effort or have to. After a while, as I felt compete in my initial gathering and thinking, like I’d arrived in and with Jupiter in Capricorn, I looked to see when​ Jupiter actually moves/moved into Capricorn, and low and behold, it was right when I had begun! 

In fact, Capricorn was rising, and all the other planets in the Capricorn work party had just risen too: Venus, South Node, Saturn, and Pluto. So, this is not just about Jupiter in Capricorn, but about this whole year to come on many levels, of work that’s focused, deep, realistic, practical, sustainable, and structural. 

Jupiter’s participation infuses some fun and a fresh perspective into this work party, an expanded sense of what’s possible, encouraging us to believe in ourselves and what is calling and inspiring us, to work toward building and living a bigger, truer, and more meaningful life and story.

This year is a time of doing the work, and enjoying doing what’s ours to do, but doing the work when it’s time. This is not about pushing hard, or making things happen. It’s about a way of journeying that respects time and its unfolding. There’s a timing to the flow, expansiveness, and good fortune of doing the work. ​This is a long play approach to life, not about trying to get what we want, now. What is created in such a process with be of much greater quality and grow into having long-lasting impact. Keep riding the elephant!

This is also the last year of a 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle, that began with their conjunction in May 2000. The themes of the social planet Jupiter-Saturn cycles have to do with knowing and living our way and sovereignly taking our place in the world.​ This is a completion or ending of how we’ve shown up in the work doing our work that began long ago, that is also a deeply practical laying of the foundation or preparation of the ground (and grounding) for something new that is to be birthed a year from now when a new Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins. 

Tomorrow, we enter the Seed wave in this Moon of Selfhood, with ten intensifying portal days to come. This is a Jupiter-infused growth spurt. Do the work, slowly and steadily. Seed opens a portal of growthfulness, ripening the transformation of our selfhood. Notice the seeds that are forming to be planted, the seeding of what​’s to grow into and as you

Of course, cuz this is how the universe rolls, the perfect essences emerge and are ready for what’s needed. I didn’t even know how perfectly until I was writing this cosmic update. My newest Essence Elixirs embody the very energies we’re learning to liveRiding the Elephant ~ for swaying, rooted, power & presence; and Received​ ~ for receiving life while being received by life​. These are so perfect for supporting the very different slow, receptive, and power​ful energies and ways of being that this time is asking of us. Free shipping in the US. If you want to stock up (Essence Elixirs make unique gifts!), I have a special deal: Buy4Get5 (coupon code) or even Buy8Get10. ​

Now in effect and becoming exact next weekend, Jupiter in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries. Teachers abound as self-assertion & freedom-seeking are countered enough to have a maturing effect on our confidence in taking action. It’s time to grow up! It’s time to become heroes and sheroes and theyroes!

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Inviting 2020 is coming soon. This course, process, and way of living, offers a practical approach to being in deep conversation with life, to riding the elephant! A whole group of us have lived this since last year’s Inviting 2019, bringing amazing transformations on so many levels of our lives and beings. I have the sense this has all been in preparation for what​ 2020 offers us! Here’s hoping you’ll be inspired to join us for this next round. Stay tuned for details, soon.

Night sky Jupiter is low in the west southwest, soon to slip into the underworld for some serious journeying, then to emerge mid to late January in the morning sky, inaugurating a new cycle of living this Jupiter in Capricorn way for all the world to see.

Notice how far Venus moves just this week, journey from last week’s joining with Jupiter toward a meet up with Saturn in just a couple of weeks!

Later this week, Mercury is at greatest elongation, shining with Zubenelgenubi low in the east before dawn. Mars can also be seen before dawn, higher up in the east.

Happy Riding the Elephant,



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