Venus & Jupiter Bestow Blessings from Galactic Center

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight is the big night! Venus shines with Jupiter at the center of our galaxy, crossroads of the Milky Way and path of the planets. They’re just​ to the west of the stars of the Teapot/Archer. You can see them shining together low in the​ west-southwest after sunset, before full dark. Around 5:30pm your local time is best to take a look. Venus is the brighter of the two.​

Astrologically, they’re in the final degrees of Sagittarius, bestowing a blessing, sending a flaming arrow from the watery depths of our galactic heart, sparking meaning and hope and the call to journey well as embodied cosmic beings in this life here on earth in the galaxy.

On Monday, Venus steps into Capricorn. Through next​ weekend is Jupiter’s last hurrah of this year in astrological Sagittarius as well. There’s a serious shift coming. For now, enjoy the expansiveness that Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius brings. Tuesday’s New Moon in Sag is a good time to notice what is being sparked.  

The waxing Moon visits Venus and Jupiter on Wed and Thurs at dusk, passing Venus a girdling belt, the 2nd vestment. We’re being invited to love and enjoy 2nd chakra lower belly flowingness in a solid and persistent way, with much respect and maturity. (This sounds like a perfect energy for my newest Essence Elixir to emerge and support us in living. Riding the Elephant should become available in a week or so!)

Also later this week, Mercury is at greatest elongation, shining with Zubenelgenubi low in the east before dawn. Mars can also be seen before dawn, higher up in the​ east.

Moon will visit Saturn in the west-southwest on Friday evening, even as Venus heads Saturn’s way. Notice how far Venus moves just​ this week, journey from this joining with Jupiter toward a meet up with Saturn in just a couple of weeks! 

We’re still in the Monkey wave in the Moon of Selfhood, so playfully and interestedly discovering our selves through journeying this transformative time is called for. Journey well. If Monkey messes with you, it’s likely toward your own liberation, so take a look at what might be best let go of in the​ moment.

Happy Venus & Jupiter Bestowed Blessings from Galactic Center,



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