Bridging Motion

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Now, we move from the Moon of Relatedness & Challenge to the Moon of Motion (my favorite!).

We’re still in the wave of Worldbridger, dying to who we’ve been, residing in the liminal zone, the the threshold between worlds. Meeting both sides, surrendered in humility, we become the third thing, joining the Heavens & Earth as Great Beings.

From this place of greater humility and presence, allowing many things to be true all at the same time​, the energetic tension of Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (exact on Saturday) moves us into finding our way to be, and contribute, here in life as we swim amidst the vast expanse of spirit & the unknown.

Autumn Equinox (Sunday into Monday, depending on where you live), finds us balancing atop a mountain, one foot each in light & shadow, arms outstretched, on a 7 Human portal day moving into the 8 Skywalker day, living the journey by walking this attunement down the mountain into our lives. Along the way, we become more adept at moving between worlds, as real Wizards.

 Listen to the Moon 3 Audio Calendar Podcast for more on the story of this time.

Happy Bridging Motion,


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