Relatedness With Everything Under the Sun

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

And so, Moon 1 of this new year and journey come to a close. Take a moment to reflect upon and absorb the so much that has been revealed, the new operating principles of this time! Wow. Listen to my Moon 1 & New Year Podcast for an indepth storying. 

Tomorrow, we move into Moon 2 ~ the Moon of Relatedness and Challenge. This is about how, and from where in our beings, we meet what is unfolding. Mercury also moves beyond it’s retrograde shadow, and so what has been demanding our thinking and communicating energy since Summer Solstice, we now get to move on from into new territory. Yay!

The Sun wave began yesterday and continues for 13 days, heating things us into Moon 2, where Sun shines upon relatedness of all kinds. We are not alone, ever! We are challenged to be in direct, open, and intimate relatedness with everything under the Sun, ripening the beginnings of freedom.

On Saturday, 8/24, a 4 Night portal day, Venus & Mars conjoin, trysting in the “under the world” of Sun’s glare. At home in the Universe, a new dream-story-form of relatedness is conceived. Coming in early Virgo, this is not about partnering or getting what we want. This involves sacred sexuality and everydayness serving to open us into Life, as we maintain our selves. This is about us being whole and complete unto ourselves. Moving on, they each trine Uranus in Taurus early next week, sparking the energetic & momentary pleasures of embodiment so uniquely our own.

Have a listen to the Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast for the story of the weeks ahead.

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Happy Relatedness with Everything Under the Sun,


p.s. I’ll be teaching Stargazing, Essence Making & Taking, and Beginning Wood Carving at the Fall Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium a week from now. Perhaps you’ll join us!

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