Liberation from Stories That No Longer Serve

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

In the quiet depth of Night, we release a no-longer-serving-us worn out story that’s made us toss and turn, enabling a more liberating dream to emerge and be lived.

Before this morning’s dawning of the Moon of Liberation, a moment of attunement to a beauty portal was offered as Moon visited Venus for the 6th divestment. We now set aside a 2nd chakra belt that has girdled us, releasing us into the pleasures offered by New Moon in Taurus on Saturday. Here’s to being at home in our bodies, in the dark.

A week from now, we begin to ripen into Warriorhood through meeting dissonance with embodied presence, appropriate protections, and respectful engagement, rather than pulling in, lashing out, or manipulating to get what we want. Meet this next level well, as it offers liberation from living in fear.

Hear the whole story in my Moon 11 Podcast!

Venus shines as the Morning Star, along with Jupiter and Saturn in the predawn eastern sky. Mars is journeying near the horns of the Bull in the west early evenings.

Happy Liberation from Stories that No Longer Serve,


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