Embodied Presence Liberation

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We find ourselves in the Warrior wave in the Moon of Liberation, being asked to stay embodied and present, even as… the so much, the weird energy, the grief, the excitement…

Like Mars, we’re at a great crossroads, where the path of the planet​s meets the Milky Way galaxy river, balancing on the tip of the boot of the Gemini Twin (in the west early evening, for those of you who’ve stargazed with me). And, this is right where we are and should be. While it might look precarious, we’re solidly on our paths in this moment of the meeting of the journey and the great cosmicness in which we journey. Let it infuse you, and liberate you to living the next level.

Tremendous strength is conferred by Saturday’s Scorpio Full Moon, with Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus, inviting us to let go into loving this liberating deep empowerment. Be unapologetically powerfull. Love radically. Possess the intangible.

Hear the whole story in my Moon 11 Podcast!

Venus shines as the Morning Star, along with Jupiter and Saturn in the predawn eastern sky. Moon visits Jupiter May 20th and Saturn May 22nd. 

Happy Embodied Presence Liberation,


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