Integrating Moon Magic

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Welcome to Moon 12 ~ the Moon of Integration. Over the past few weeks, we’ve let go in some significant ways, liberating us for outdated ways of being. This is a time of looking to what​’s been and toward what’s to come as we crystallize into a new, more complex, form. 

At the moment, Moon is our teacher. And so, we wane and wax, we feel and relax into the rhythms and cycles of life. There is magic here! Real earthly presence integrates us with this Moon magic, infusing it inner our new form. 

On Sunday, waning Crescent Moon visits Venus before dawn in the east for the 7th divestment. We drop our robes and stand naked before an activating and liberating storm, which carries us into the interestingly stimulating Dark Moon in Gemini on Tuesday.

This is the time for everything to come together in a new way. Let yourself feel it!​

Hear the story of this, and so much more in my Moon 12 Podcast.

In the​ planetary world… Jupiter is rising in the east early in the evenings, shining so brightly just east of the Scorpion. Saturn is rising a couple of hours behind. Mars can be found early evenings low in the west above the foot of the right-hand Gemini Twin, though it is growing faint and soon to disappear into the under-the-world for a rendezvous with Venus. Mercury joins Mars for the next few days. We’re in the last weeks of Venus rising in the east before dawn as the Morning Star, so say hello while you can.

Happy Integrating Moon Magic,


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