Moon Magic Liberates

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Moon wanes with loveliness, having recently visited Saturn along the way, showing us how to release. 

Moon, as an ever-changing form being, carries us into the realm of magic, liberating us from attempting to live a life in which we try to “be” any one thing, or be “done” with anything. Embracing the reality of rhythmic waxing and waning releases the held tension of our insistence, making room for magic to unfold. Love the Moon up! Live each phase of this lunar cycle from Full to Dark as it carries us into the Moon of Integration.

Hear the story in my Moon 11 Podcast and the early released Moon 12 Podcast.

Venus shines as the Morning Star in the predawn eastern sky. Jupiter and Saturn are emerging late evening in the east. ​Mars is faint in the west early evenings.

Happy Moon Magic Liberation,


Three New Stargazing Options

Summer Stargazing Intensive, Saturday, August 24th 

An Evening of Stargazing, Saturday, October 19th (family-friendly)

All Night Stargazing, Saturday, October 26th

These are all dependent on my still being here at the house (which I rent and is on the market), but I’m feeling called to set the dates now, since the house has already been on the market for nine months. 

Any and all of these can be great stargazing experiences, and I hope one or more of them will work for you! Here’s to being out in the field under the stars sky together soon.

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