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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Here in the​ Moon of Manifestation, we’re living What Is, perhaps more maturely than ever before. Yesterday, began the 13 days of the Dog wave, a time for hanging with friends and doing what we love.  There is an undercurrent of simple goodness to this time. 

On Tuesday, Mercury moves beyond Pisces (after spending maaany weeks there) into Aries, so things you’ve been waiting on saying and putting forth are a go!​ Let the happy Dog energy propel them rather than barking out of frustration that it has taken so long. Later in the week, Mercury conjuncts Chiron​, offering a healing conversation.

On Friday, we stand in the strongly embodied presence of Warrior atop the mountain, howling with delight by the light of a second Libra Full Moon, Love Warriors infusing with cool moonlight and openness. Let’s run with our Dogs, the beings we love and enjoy.​

Then Saturday, Sun moves into pleasurable Taurus and Venus moves with vigor into Aries. Love is What Is.​ Revel in it.

Hear so much more in my Moon 10 podcast!

Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter continue to shine in the predawn eastern sky. Mars is much more faint, as it journeys through the​ Sacred Hoop of stars in the west early evenings.

Happy Playing with Your Dogs,


Spring Stargazing Intensive
Saturday May 4th, 6-11:30pm 
Stargazing, plus walking Stumphenge, learning the horizon calendar, and twirling our bodies to learn how the Sun and stars move through the year. 
The house I rent has still not sold, so we can perhaps slip in another stargazing before the field is gone…

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