Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

If you’ve been watching Mars in the west early evenings (not shining very brightly), you may have seen them near the Pleiades just a week or two ago. Now, you can see Mars near Aldebaran (the red eye of the​ Bull), at the tip of the V of stars making the Bull’s face. 

Tomorrow early evening, the Crescent Moon will join Mars and Aldebaran! This comes on a 9 Serpent portal day in this Earth wave, telling a lovely sky story of vitalizing renewal through welcoming star energies down into our bodies. Gaze upon them and rejoice in this beautiful universe in which we live!

Spring Stargazing Intensive Saturday May 4th, 6-11:30pm 
Now’s the perfect time to stargaze and learn the lingering winter stars and the leaping spring stars! Likely one of the last stargazing opportunities at my place outside of Sebastopol.

Venus joins Neptune in astrological Pisces on Tuesday so you might be feeling a little dreamy and lazy early this week. Take it slow and spiritually sensuously…

This Friday will be our Walking & Talking day of this Earth’s Moon Freedom year (that began in late July). Watch the Moon waxing, phase-changing and moving through the zodiac​ night to night. 

On Saturday, the energy shifts to the Dog wave, where hanging with those you love and doing what you love becomes What Is!

Hear so much more in my Moon 10 podcast!

Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter continue to shine in the predawn eastern sky.

Happy Vitalizing,


Spring Stargazing Intensive
Saturday May 4th, 6-11:30pm 
Stargazing, plus walking Stumphenge, learning the horizon calendar, and twirling our bodies to learn how the Sun and stars move through the year. 
The house I rent has still not sold, so we can perhaps slip in another stargazing before the field is gone…

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