Monkeying Around

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Another moment of transformation is upon us, over the next few days (they’ve seemingly been showing up fast & furious for eons now). 

Coming in the final few days of the Moon of Action, suggests this transformation is around how we move in the​ world and live what we believe​. 

Weaving in the theme of Form from this 260-day round of waves that we’ve now reach the very middle of, suggests transformation around the forms that we are making through our actions & the new form that we are being made into through our actions!

Tomorrow we complete the 13-day Mirror wave. Tuesday we move into the 13-day Monkey wave. And, Mercury in Pisces is spinning on its heel turning retrograde to skip backwards a while as we step with Monkey. ​This will most definitely not be a straightforward time!​ A more dreamy, spiritual, and artistic time diffuses our focus. With Monkey we learn to actively follow our curiosity and discover, and from within this process we make and craft (all approached playfully, of course, else Monkey will happily go all trickster on us as needed for our liberation).

Wednesday brings a convergence of Sun, New Moon, and Neptune in Pisces. Sense a theme here? Pisces energy (of which Neptune is the ruler)! This is a time for swimming in the oceanic, making for a spirit-, dream-, and illusion-soaked, discovery.​ 

Wednesday is also when Uranus moves into Taurus (to stay for the coming seven years!), so make sure the play is spontaneous and delicious ~ nice things, good food, revolutionary havingness… 

Hear the Moon 8 Podcast hereMoon 9 arrives later this week, after the big bang movements!

Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter shine in the predawn eastern sky. Mars continues to hold down the evening sky in the west.

Happy Monkeying Around,


The Renewal essence is being enjoyed, made of the Full Moon in rainwater just moments after the recent Total Lunar Eclipse. A replenishing and uplifting essence. 

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