Heartfelt Mirroring

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The Mirror wave continues in this Moon of Action, bringing an ongoing perceptual shift around how we take action and live what we believe​. With the Wounded Healer/Teacher Chiron newly arrived in Aries for a long stay, ​we’re being invited to cease compulsively acting from our places of wounding and more maturely live our gifts in a fully embodied way.

On Saturday before dawn, Waning Moon visits Venus for the 4th divestment, where we remove the protective mirrored heart amulet received last June; no longer needed. As we embody more fully, we develop our capacity to love and be loved in each moment, to effortlessly radiate from our hearts as we are bathed in the​ pulsing deliciousness of our hearts. Where once our energy went toward protection, now we are naturally protected by our fullness and can stand naked in the truth of our loving nature. This brings its own perceptual shift in our knowing of who we are, and how we act accordingly.

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Mercury can be seen just above the western horizon in the early evening dusk the next few days. Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter shine in the predawn eastern sky. Mars continues to hold down the evening sky in the west.

Happy Heart Mirroring,


The Renewal essence is being enjoyed, made of the Full Moon in rainwater just moments after the recent Total Lunar Eclipse. A replenishing and uplifting essence. 

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