Dreaming Real Love, Growthfully

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Mercury dances slowly and intimately with Neptune in Pisces through the next week or so. A dreamy pleasurable vagueness in repose becomes more intuitively creative and emergent as Mercury turns direct on Thursday.

We’re stallion the midst of the string of Seed portal days here in the​ Moon of Realization, so organic growthfullness opportunities abound. Let get real, in a real way… 

Next Sunday, we return to the Earth wave, in this year that began in the Earth wave. Ripening into realness as earthed beings, we navigate by synchronicity and ground thru embodiment. Push your new roots deep! 

Hear more in my Moon 9 podcast.

Mars shines with the Pleiades in the west early evening. Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter shine in the predawn eastern sky, with the Moon visiting Jupiter on Tues/Wed, Saturn on Fri, and Venus a week from Monday (for the 5th divestment, the ring of power).

Happy Dreaming Real Love Growthfully,


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Spring Stargazing Intensive
Saturday May 4th, 6-11:30pm 
Stargazing, plus walking Stumphenge, learning the horizon calendar, and twirling our bodies to learn how the Sun and stars move through the year. 
The house I rent has still not sold, so we can perhaps slip in another stargazing before the field is gone…M

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