Poetic Sensiblities Meet Bold Action

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Mercury moves into into Pisces today, and hangs out the​re until mid-April. This is a long time for Mercury to stay in one sign (more than three times as long as usual). This is due to a retrograde coming in early March. The thinking and communicating function of Mercury in the diffuse, watery-soul sign of Pisces could make for some interesting experiences around illusions and lack of clarity, and focus may be elusive, while spirit-engaged creativity may be more accessible. This continues our theme of weaving spirit and work. Wax poetic and feel the Universe here with you as you do what​’s yours to do!

With the ten open portals days in a row of the Serpent wave continuing, here in the Moon of Action, embodying cosmic energies restores our vitality. Let each moment be a dance.

Tonight, Moon is with Mars in the west early evening, as Mars is approaching Uranus (not easily visible). Mars will be exactly conjunct Uranus in Aries on Tuesday, sparking boldly embodied expression of our uniqueness. Take great care to be super present in each moment with this fiery combination​ as the unanticipated can happen. 

Hear the full Moon 8 Podcast here

Venus continues to shine in the predawn eastern sky, with Jupiter up higher, and Saturn  emerging from the horizon.

Happy Poetically Being Bold,


A new Renewal essence has emerged and is ready to share! This essence, made of the Full Moon in rainwater just moments after the recent Total Lunar Eclipse, has a replenishing and uplifting quality. Ahhhh.​ Perfect for these times, of course.

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