Attunement into Action

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Here we are in the waning days of the Moon of Attunement, coming to know our selves as Human in new ways.

In support of this, a new Renewal essence has emerged and is ready to share! This essence, made of the Full Moon in rainwater just moments after the recent Total Lunar Eclipse, has a replenishing and uplifting quality. Ahhhh. 

Tomorrow’s New Moon rings in the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig, some say a year of good fortune, joy, friendship, love, hard work, and success in all areas of life. Be generous in gifting. Watch being too gullible. 

The new lunar cycle moves us fully beyond the eclipse season, and these last few days of the Moon of Attunement  (Moon 7) give an opportunity to find our way into a new story of our Humanness, before we start living it in the Moon of Action (Moon 8, which begins on Thursday). ​A good time to leap into Inviting 2019!

Thursday also begins the Serpent wave. Now, we sensually Serpent-like undulate our new attunement down the pyramid mountain into the world, selves in motion living what we believe. We’re open portals, through which soul and spirit flow into this world, as us. No retrograde planets turn us back, nor big transits push us on. It’s simply time for taking authentic action from deep within our beings.

Listen to the full Moon 8 Podcast here

Venus continues to grace the predawn eastern sky, with Jupiter up higher, and Saturn just emerging from the horizon. Mars is to the west, shining not so brightly in the nighttime sky. 

Happy Attunement into Action,


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